Sunday, August 6, 2017

Home Sweet Home

Sometimes you think way back when . . . You know when you were growing up. When I think way back I remember snow in April.  For two years in a row it has snowed when I've gone home for my dad's birthday.
As much as I hate the cold I sure do love how beautiful the Sange de Cristo Range looks!


Friday, November 20, 2015

Sunday, October 5, 2014

Oooh Laa Laa

How was Paris in September . . . It was fantastic. We walked and walked and did all the sites, but you are looking at the most fantastic thing below. We watched the sun set on the river in a restaurant. The most wonderful surprise was watching the lights come on the Eifel Tower. Who knew that happened and obviously half the people in the boat did not know it either as an awwwww was heard as the twinkles began "


Tuesday, July 23, 2013

Spending for the day

Here we go on this Tuesday with my attempt to live more simply.

Breakfast & lunch provided at meeting.
Dinner leftover Lentils with asiago sausage. 2 whole grain rolls.  Vanilla ice cream topped the meal off.  Tomorrow is a travel day with work. I'm car pooling to save the company money as the group I will be traveling with has a company car.  This saves the company money as I would  turn in for a reimbursement of mileage. Four of us will be traveling in one car also saving the company money.

I am hopeful to food shop before the weekend.  I am considering doing the envelop system with my food budget.  I'll only use cash.  Right now I have 36.20 to use for the rest of this week.  If I don't spend it all I can start to stash the excess for those times that I find a good deal and when I have to buy extra food for entertainment.

Here is a great website that helps you to use the things in your pantry.  It will help me to keep my focus on using what I have and not wasting food or money.

Columbines in Colorado my home.  I took these several years ago.  They bring wonderful memories of summer to mind when I see them.
I am very thankful for my family in Colorado who gave me the foundations for money management.

Monday, July 22, 2013

Food for thought

I will update you on food today.  I am attending some leadership classes and breakfast and lunch are being provided.

Hubby has thing he can grab for lunch, but I am not sure if he made himself lunch today before he left to work.

I'm eating leftovers - Spinach Dip  on hoagie roll with provolone and tomatoes.

Here is an interesting blog. We just got an Aldi, and I am trying to figure out what the best way to utilize this grocery store is.


All pictures in this blog are mine. These two mortal enemies can get along for the love of the blanket.  I'm sure there is a life lesson somewhere in this picture.


Sunday, July 21, 2013

Working with what you got

I am posting meals made with my in house stock + 13.80 I spent for groceries for the week.
I ate Cheerios with a small organic banana and almond milk.  Hubby did not eat.

Hearty Lentils, which I posted under soup in Pinterest, but would say is hard to categorize because this soup is very thick. I didn't have rice so I substituted bulgur. I used 6 oz can tomato paste because that is what I had. I seasoned with salt, dry basil, and oregano.  I also made it vegetarian by using organic vegetable broth and no chicken. In my freezer I had some asiago chicken sausage which I added to the individual bowls.  They are pre cooked mini sausages and they really made the lentils very special. I had 6 whole grain frozen rolls. They made the lentils a complete and filling meal.

Hubby really liked the pot roast so he has been eating it with rice that I have on hand.   I ate mango salsa to use up the mangos, chips, cilantro green onions, and  limes.

Random thoughts about frugal living.

  1. It ain't easy
  2. It will take a lot of planning
  3. Thank goodness that there are a lot of resources 
  4. I want to see if you can eat healthy nutritious meals when your money is restricted.

When I am having a bad day, I smile and think of this.  I can do no wrong in the eyes of my terriers Dexter and Allie.

50.00 a week

I have decided to try something.  Thanks to my husband, I have a new IPad, and thanks to my daughter she gave me an Apple gift card so, "I can buy some cool Apps."  One of the cool apps I bought was a Account 2 Checkbook.  First let me tell you I am good with money.  I don't know why, but I am able to delay gratification and can live on very little.  I have always hated debt, but know that there are some things that just require debt for most average Americans.
Account 2 app makes me account for the areas my money must go into, which has not happened in the past.  I think I have learned a lot in my job dealing with different budgets, but knowing how a budget process works and putting it into action are very different.  I believe I have been doing a budget, but couldn't give the details that this app will provide.
My first thoughts are where do I spend the most money.  I was surprised that food was so high.  I began to comb through my pins to see what others are doing to help with the food budget. My inspiration was this blog.  Kristin said she and her husband lived on 30.00 a week when they were first married.  I thought about how much money I spend on food, and how much food is wasted.  I have not told my Sweet Man, but I am going to see if I can spend 50.00 a week on groceries for a month.  I think it is doable for two people because I have many things in the freezer and I have a lot of staples in the pantry. 
I will give an update on this idea to see what I can really do concerning the food consumed and wasted in our house.
This week's breakdown of food purchased.
  1. Organic Bananas - 1.52
  2. Red Bell Pepper -    .98
  3. Roma Tomatoes -   .30
  4. Store brand frozen chopped spinach - .98
  5. Store brand sliced Provolone - 3.98
  6. 1# cello carrots - .78
  7. Red Onion - .58
  8. Philly Style Hoagie rolls (on sale) 2.50
  9. Store Brand Whole Milk - 2.18
This totaled 13.80

What have I done with these items:

I made dinner for my daughter and her family Friday night.  Had pot roast in crock pot and served Crock Pot French Dip .  I used 4 of the six hoagie rolls.  My daughter and her family are vegetarians so I served them this Spinach Dip broiled in the toaster oven with Provolone and thin sliced tomatoes on top of the open faced hoagie rolls. I had the Spinach Dip in the freezer because when you make this recipe it makes a lot so I freeze it up in smaller amounts for occasions when I need to do something vegetarian.
I rarely buy whole milk, but my grandson is starting to drink whole milk so I want to have it at my house for him.  I cut up some of the carrots and the entire red bell pepper and served it with the French Dip and and the Spinach Dip.

For me this is a huge effort.  I have to plan meals - something I have been marginally doing.  I have to account for what I have now and try to buy smart.  The key to this is to see if my husband notices a difference in our meals.  He is so easy to please, that I think he'll not notice.

I am curious about the big items.  How will a 50.00 a week budget be impacted when you have to buy clothes soap, paper towels, tp, and meat.

I guess we will deal with those things as we move forward.


This picture is to remind me that I can accomplish anything I put my mind to do.  I am very afraid of heights, but overcame to reach the top of this rock wall.  I can reduce, reuse, and stop wasting in my life.