Tuesday, July 23, 2013

Spending for the day

Here we go on this Tuesday with my attempt to live more simply.

Breakfast & lunch provided at meeting.
Dinner leftover Lentils with asiago sausage. 2 whole grain rolls.  Vanilla ice cream topped the meal off.  Tomorrow is a travel day with work. I'm car pooling to save the company money as the group I will be traveling with has a company car.  This saves the company money as I would  turn in for a reimbursement of mileage. Four of us will be traveling in one car also saving the company money.

I am hopeful to food shop before the weekend.  I am considering doing the envelop system with my food budget.  I'll only use cash.  Right now I have 36.20 to use for the rest of this week.  If I don't spend it all I can start to stash the excess for those times that I find a good deal and when I have to buy extra food for entertainment.

Here is a great website that helps you to use the things in your pantry.  It will help me to keep my focus on using what I have and not wasting food or money.

Columbines in Colorado my home.  I took these several years ago.  They bring wonderful memories of summer to mind when I see them.
I am very thankful for my family in Colorado who gave me the foundations for money management.

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