Sunday, July 21, 2013

Working with what you got

I am posting meals made with my in house stock + 13.80 I spent for groceries for the week.
I ate Cheerios with a small organic banana and almond milk.  Hubby did not eat.

Hearty Lentils, which I posted under soup in Pinterest, but would say is hard to categorize because this soup is very thick. I didn't have rice so I substituted bulgur. I used 6 oz can tomato paste because that is what I had. I seasoned with salt, dry basil, and oregano.  I also made it vegetarian by using organic vegetable broth and no chicken. In my freezer I had some asiago chicken sausage which I added to the individual bowls.  They are pre cooked mini sausages and they really made the lentils very special. I had 6 whole grain frozen rolls. They made the lentils a complete and filling meal.

Hubby really liked the pot roast so he has been eating it with rice that I have on hand.   I ate mango salsa to use up the mangos, chips, cilantro green onions, and  limes.

Random thoughts about frugal living.

  1. It ain't easy
  2. It will take a lot of planning
  3. Thank goodness that there are a lot of resources 
  4. I want to see if you can eat healthy nutritious meals when your money is restricted.

When I am having a bad day, I smile and think of this.  I can do no wrong in the eyes of my terriers Dexter and Allie.

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